Bellevue roots. Global expertise.

Our Story

We invest our own capital in companies we are passionate about.

We’ve grown and exited businesses as operators ourselves here in the Seattle area, and we started Trilogy to help others do it too. Unlike other funds, Trilogy does not have traditional LPs. The money we invest in our portfolio is our own, which gives us a little more freedom to be selective and passionate about the founders we partner with. Bottom line, investing our own money means that we care deeply about your success and can give you the time to achieve it.

The secret sauce, if there is one, is that most of our partners have run businesses or large parts of businesses. We bring the perspective of someone who actually has been there, done we know it’s not easy. We know because we’ve been there. 

John Stanton, Founder Trilogy


Our partners have founded, led, and helped run significant global technology businesses, built from the ground up right here in the Seattle area.


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